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About Our Company
Green Cleaning Products LLC is here to serve you as you clean your world.
  • Green Cleaning Products LLC offers natural green home cleaning and green janitorial solutions for the home, business, custodial, and facility maintenance applications. We feature green cleaning products, supplies and tools to make every aspect of your cleaning more eco friendly
  • Green Cleaning Products LLC is the proud owner of the brand, Cleans Green™. 
  • Under the Cleans Green™ label a variety of products, cleaning kits, gadgets, and tools, devices have been developed to facilitate the cleaning process in a user friendly and environmentally friendly manner that is consistent with our values.

Green Cleaning Products from CleansGreen™

A Promise Fulfilled
The promise of a safe, green home is finally here; we offer a variety of cleaning products for you, your employees, your family and your pets that are safe, effective and all natural.  And, not only are they amazing cleaning tools and effective cleaners, they are also harmless.

Safety First
Green cleaning products and tools that are like no other cleaning product you or the people you know and love have ever encountered.  Our products, from the Fluffy Microfiber Duster to the window cleaner are eco-friendly. That means these products are 100% safe for you, your family, your employees, your customers / guests, and even your pets.

Going Green
When you, your family or friends use products from Green Cleaning Products LLC, you are making a positive difference.  Our goal is to deliver on the green promise in all of your operations.  Our cleaners are super concentrated to be used in reusable spray bottles.  We seek to reuse as many containers as possible.  Each time you replenish your order for the eco-friendly cleaners you will receive a refill packet for your existing spray bottle, which you will combine with regular tap water to create a product with the ready-to-use (RTU) dilution.  We are fulfilling the green promise with a greener way to clean.

Commitment to Sustainability
Green Cleaning Products LLC strives to become a leader in sustainability by modeling our core beliefs through the actions we take.  Starting fresh when the company was created, enabled us to implement sustainable practices from the beginning.  Thus we have been able to consider the impacts on the larger environment, as well as protect the health and safety of our team and our customers.  With core values of honesty and integrity, we believe that “going green” requires a conscientious part in protecting and balancing people, profit and planet simultaneously.  For instance by offering super concentrated products, we are not shipping water.  As a result we cut down on fuel costs and you reduce your carbon footprint.  As for the containers that are not able to be reused, they are still recyclable.  Continuous improvement of our practices are integral with everything we do as managed by our Environmental Management System.

Green Clean
The secret to a safe, green clean is leveraging ingredients that are biologically based and from renewable resources. 
With the all-inclusive range of cleaning products, you and your friends can green your entire home or business overnight.  And at a cost that is comparable to what you already spend on cleaning products.

The Proof is in the Product
Seeing is believing, isn’t it?  After you have finished reading about our products, we urge you to try them for yourself.  Pay attention to how easily and effectively these products clean your whole property green. That is the power of these green cleaning products.  When you demonstrate these products to your family, friends and neighbors, you are fulfilling the promise of a greener world.  Yes, one person can make a difference, one greener building at a time.

Freeing the world of toxic chemicals ... one building at a time.